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Pius XII students help NEO Kids, one lap at a time!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Pius XII students help NEO Kids, one lap at a time!

On Tuesday, November 3, 2015, the students at Pius XII Catholic School participated in the Holy Redeemer Walk-A-Thon for NEO Kids at the Holy Redeemer Church on Bancroft Drive, raising $1,631. A cheque presentation was held at Pius XII Catholic School on November 11 to celebrate the success. Proceeds from the event will support Health Sciences North’s NEO Kids (North Eastern Ontario Health Centre for Kids).


101 students from grades 3-6 were excited about the event, which was meant to represent the travel that sick children across northeastern Ontario have to make for treatment. When calculating the time of the walk, it was decided that the children would walk for the distance from the Holy Redeemer Church to HSN, or approximately 2 hours.


“We are so please with this wonderful event, it really was children helping children!” says Monique MacIntyre, Lay Pastoral Associate at Holy Redeemer Church. “The students at Pius XII Catholic School learned about the medical services children in their community need, moved by their needs they put their faith in action.  They laced up their walking shoes and raised a whopping $1,631 for NEO Kids. We are so proud of the kids, their families and the school!”  

 “I want to thank the students, teachers, and staff at Pius XII School, as well as the congregation and staff at Holy Redeemer Church for supporting NEO Kids. It’s fantastic to see kids stepping up and supporting other children who need our care,” says Dr. Sean Murray, pediatrician and Medical Director of HSN’s Family and Child Program.


Independent fundraising events like the Walk-A-Thon enable individuals, community groups, businesses, employee groups, schools and service clubs to raise funds for Health Sciences North Foundation by organizing, managing and financially supporting their own fundraising event.  

 In photo left to right: Ciaran Granville, Christopher Herbert, Jacob Sloan, Tiago Alves, Noah Frappier, Tyler Leduc, Father Raj Arulraj, Associate Pastor, Holy Redeemer Church, Jocelyn Bene, Holy Redeemer Church, Mary Lou Hussak, Executive Director, Health Sciences North Foundation, Monique Macintyre, Lay Pastoral Associate, Holy Redeemer Church, Sophie Duncanson-Hales, Billy Zelenczuk, Paddy Duncanson-Hales, Vanessa Prieur, Kristina Flynn, Zoey Roque, Summer Jones


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