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Joie de vivre nourishes body and mind

Friday, September 18, 2015

Joie de vivre nourishes body and mind

The Gregorini family opened their doors and welcomed the community to this year’s Joie de vivre event at Verdicchio Ristorante and Enoteca’s  Natura event space in support of medical learners.

“This important event not only nourishes the body, it also allows us to nourish the minds of our health care learners, who will provide us with front-line care, now and in the future,” stated Dr. Denis Roy, Health Sciences North’s President and CEO.

This year’s Joie de vivre event raised $45,000 to support Health Sciences North’s Simulation Lab and Medical Learners Centre.

The imminent construction of the Health Sciences North’s Medical Learners Center and the Simulation Lab is incredibly exciting for our community,” shares Dr. Robert Anderson, Medical Lead, Simulation Lab, “Simulation is becoming part of the fabric of our institution and the benefits are already being realized with improved patient care. With this new centre we will be able to attract top students, help retain them and recruit faculty keen to advance our institution. We appreciate events like Joie de vivre and the support of our community leaders. Making health care more accessible, safer and efficient takes a community and events like this are vital to support this vision.” 

The Gregorini family warmly greeted their guests, “We are all here tonight because we recognize the power and importance of life-long learning, especially when it comes to doctors, nurses, paramedics and those who hold our lives in their very hands. Your support tonight is so important and deeply appreciated. This full house proves that you as well appreciate the importance of the Sim Lab.”

Joie de vivre is a collaborative fundraising event of Health Sciences North Foundation and the Northern Cancer Foundation.  

Tannys Laughren, Executive Director, Northern Cancer Foundation (NCF) shares “We are honoured to be a part of an event which celebrates the Gregorini family, an amazing local restaurant, and local health care.”

“Health Sciences North Foundation is pleased to share this special evening with the Gregorini family,” says Mary Lou Hussak, Executive Director, Health Sciences North Foundation. “By sponsoring 100% of this evening, the Gregorini’s generous act of support will benefit the health of our community for years to come.”

For more pictures from the event, please visit our Facebook page.


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