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Health Sciences North Foundation Announces Preferred Realtor Team

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Health Sciences North Foundation Announces Preferred Realtor Team

Health Sciences North Foundation (HSNF) is proud to announce the new HSNF Preferred Realtor Team. The HSNF Preferred Realtor Team will act as ambassadors for Health Sciences North and our community when introducing prospective buyers to the region. HSNF Preferred Realty Team will play a key role in helping newly recruited health care professionals and researchers find a home and orient them to our community.

“When onboarding new physicians and health care professionals and their families to a community everyone has a role to play,” says Ginette Vezina, Director, Medical & Academic Affairs, HSN. “We have historically enjoyed a great rapport with the Sudbury realty community, and look forward to working with this new team.”

In addition, the HSNF Preferred Realtor Team is available outside of our hospital to anyone who is thinking of buying or selling a home and would like to support the health of our community.

Each time a home is purchased or sold using one of the members of the HSNF Preferred Realtor Team, a portion of their commission is donated back to HSN Foundation to support the priority needs of HSN.

The HSNF Preferred Realtor Team members are Laurie Hucal, Cathy Castanza, Caroline McDonald, Gwen Price and Paul Kusnierczyk, each highly respected members of the real estate profession bringing years of experience and knowledge in all areas of real estate.

"We are launching a new team to provide real estate services to physicians, researchers and staff of HSN, HSNF and HSN Research Institute. Our team is also available to anyone in the community who would like to support the Hospital when selling or buying a home,” says Laurie Hucal, HSNF Preferred Realtor Team Lead. “We look forward to our new partnership with HSN Foundation and are proud to be giving back to the community in which we live, work, volunteer and play."

“HSN Foundation is pleased to partner with the exceptional members of our new HSNF Preferred Realtor Team,” says Mary Lou Hussak, Executive Director of HSN Foundation.

“We are confident that this Team will ensure the best representation and service while helping to ensure health care excellence in northeastern Ontario.”


In photo left to right: HSNF Preferred Realtor Team members Cathy Castanza, Caroline McDonald, Paul Kusnierczyk, Gwen Price, and Laurie Hucal


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