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Meet Bruce Kutchaw

Bruce Kutchaw was admitted to
Health Sciences North’s 6th Floor, South.

“You never know when you will meet that special person who makes a difference in your life,” says Bruce.  “The friendly smile that greeted me on my first morning there belonged to my nurse, Chris.  Her upbeat personality, compassion, attentiveness and clear and concise instructions helped me to take charge of my health and learn to self-administer insulin.”

Chris seemed to be there whenever Bruce needed her and helped to transform a stressful and uncomfortable situation into one that was warm and enjoyable.

“Thank you, Chris, for your exceptional patient care,” says Bruce.  “You are my STAR!”

Have you or a loved one been a patient of Health Sciences North and wished that you could thank that special physician, nurse, paramedic, volunteer or staff member who helped to make your stay or visit a little better?

HSN Foundation and The Sudbury Star have partnered to help you say “Thank you” to those special people with the STAR, or Special Thanks and Recognition program.

To purchase your STAR, contact Health Sciences North Foundation at 705-523-7130 or click here

$500,000 donation kick starts HSN's journey to new MRI equipment

Carman and Sandy Fielding are pleased to announce a $500,000 donation to support the purchase of new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment at Health Sciences North (HSN). New MRIs will ensure that patients in Northeastern Ontario have access to advanced medical equipment to diagnosis disease or injury, and monitor how well patients are doing with treatments.
"Sandy and I are pleased to support the purchase of new MRI equipment for Health Sciences North with our $500,000 donation,” said Carman Fielding.” “We know the importance of giving back to our community, and making it a better and healthier place to live. This includes having access to the latest in MRI equipment to allow for the best possible care.”
HSN currently operates a single MRI scanner 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Every year, approximately 13,000 MRI tests are performed at HSN to support the treatment of 600,000 residents in Northeastern Ontario. The adult wait-time for an MRI scan at HSN is 93 days or less, for 9 out of 10 patients, which is over three times higher than the provincial target of 28 days.
The existing MRI at HSN is nearing its 10-year lifespan. In addition to replacing the existing scanner, there is a need for a second MRI in order to  provide enhanced patient-centred care by significantly shortening wait times, operating more accessible hours, providing a backup unit in the event of equipment failure, reducing travel burden and costs for patients, improving diagnosis and treatment, and repatriating cardiac care closer to home.
“Health Sciences North Foundation would like to thank Carman and Sandy Fielding for their generous donation towards the purchase of new MRI equipment to meet the healthcare needs of our community,” says Mary Lou Hussak, President and CEO, HSN Foundation. “The generous support of our donors is critical in our ability to support the hospital in the purchase of new MRIs. We are excited for the future and our continued partnership with all of our donors to advance excellence in healthcare in Northeastern Ontario.”

Debra Dawe, Manager, Community Engagement, HSN Foundation

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